Paper Tigers – October 18 T2P event for Year 1 and Year 2


Your T2P event for this coming week (October 18) includes a screening of the film “Paper Tigers” as well as pre and post discussion.  Be sure to check out the trailer at

The presentation  will begin at 12:45 and end around 3:30.

Both Year 1 and Year 2 teacher candidates will be participating in this T2P event. Be sure to arrive on time as there will be a large number of you getting seated in the auditorium.

EDUC 5008Q – October 4 Year 1 Teacher Candidate Conference #1

On Tuesday, October 4, your EDUC 5008Q event with be a Teacher Candidate Conference. Eight workshops are available; each will be presented twice. You will need to register for two choices:

Workshop #1 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, and

Workshop #2 from 2:15pm – 3:15pm.

Details on each workshop are available HERE.

Registration is available at

Registration is first-come, first-served; early registration is strongly advised.

Practicum Information

Hello Year One Teacher Candidates

It was wonderful to be inspired by Steve Revington yesterday!! I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the break out group with whom I collaborated after Steve’s presentation . . . many thanks to all for sharing your reflections with us!

There were a few questions asked during the session about the upcoming Practicum (November 14 December 9), so I am posting information you will find helpful . . .

  • You will find Practicum Information here. It includes the links to the Practicum Handbook and Practicum Policies. Candidates are encouraged to become very familiar with this information.
  • As noted on the Blog, there will be a Practicum Preparation Presentation on NOVEMBER 1 after the PIN Ceremony Preparation.
  • Your placement will be posted in the Portal. You will receive an email giving you directions for how to proceed.

Just a reminder, as mentioned online in Practicum Information, Candidates may not select their own Associate Teacher or arrange their own placement. Please Do Not contact Schools or Associate Teachers.

I wish you continued success as you complete the second week of the program!

From the desk of. . .

Christine    🙂


5008Q Session #1 (Year 1) – September 13

Time: 1:00 –3:00 p.m.
Location: The Auditorium, Room 1050

Guest Speaker: Steve Revington

Steve has been an educator for thirty years. In 2015-16, he won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. In 2014-15, he was one of the 50 international finalists for the Global Teacher Prize, Varkey Foundation. In 2014, he won the Faculty of Education Associate Teacher’s Award of Excellence. His many teaching experiences and his development of authentic learning opportunities provide a framework for his presentation.

2:00-3:00 p.m. At the completion of Mr. Revington’s talk, teacher candidates are asked to move to the rooms indicated on the chart. Teacher candidates are grouped according to Cohort/Specialty Area.

Cohort/Specialty Area Room # Name of Facilitator
Early Childhood Education 1050 Auditorium Betsy Reilly
Advanced Studies in Psychology 2038 Alison Ogilvie
French – Elementary & Secondary cohorts 1162 Christine Knight-Smith
International Education 2054 Susan Ibdah
Urban Education 2040 Kim Eyre
STEM 2042 Yang Lan


Faculty Donation Opt Out

The Faculty Donation Opt Out form is available HERE. Be sure  to visit to ensure that you understand what this donation is being used for before deciding if you wish to opt out!

Note that the deadline for submission to the Teacher Education Office (room 1166) is Friday, September 30. If you are in Year 2 and not at the Faculty, you may submit your completed form via email to — the form must be signed.

Those who have opted out will receive a credit to their tuition account for the donation. If your tuition account is paid in full you will receive a refund.  You will be notified early November when and where the refund will be available.  You are strongly encouraged to enrol for Direct Deposit — log into your Student Center account.  Click on “Enrol in Direct Deposit” in the Finances section, and input your banking information.  It takes 3 business days from when the refund is issued for the funds to be deposited into your bank account.  Please note that refunds will not be issued until early November for opt outs.