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Welcome to the Teacher Education blog! We use this blog to provide information during your time with us in the B.Ed. program. We do this to provide as much information as possible without overwhelming your email quota! As well, even…

Alternative Field Experiences

All Teacher Candidates complete two Alternative Field Experiences in their second year. These provide opportunities to widen your experience, expand your knowledge, and develop your skills. 

T2P: Transition to Professional Practice

  As teacher candidates grow from student to teacher, the Transition to Professional Practice (T2P) course guides experiential learning, professionalism, and job preparation over years 1 and 2 of the B.Ed. These important presentations, workshops, and professional development series are…

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Tomorrow: Interested in teaching in the UK?

Drop by our table and info session to learn about job opportunities in the UK and get all your questions answered. We’re so excited to speak with you about your plans for teaching abroad and how we can support you…

October is Islamic History Month

October is Islamic History Month. Learn about local events and classroom resources.

International AFEs – updated instructions

Our International AFE website has had a facelift!

Mental Health Literacy – teaching resources

Learn more about free resources to support mental health literacy in your classroom!

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Connecting Research to Practice

Join us for T2P on October 30 at 1:30pm to 3:20pm in the Community Room! Teacher candidates will have the opportunity to discover how they can take research into a practical classroom setting as new teachers…  Details below: + Please…

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Author Visit

Join us for T2P on Tuesday October 30 – featuring a visit by author Eric Walters! Book order forms are available for download here. Please bring completed book order forms and payment to the Teacher Education office in an envelope…

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