Career Expo January 17 and 24

Teacher Candidates,

On Tuesday January 17 and 24, Westerns’ Faculty of Education will be hosting Boards and International Recruiters at our annual Career Expo.  The Expo will be held in the gym from 1:00-4:00 pm.  Attached is a list of attendees and information on Preparing for the Career Expo.  We strongly encourage you to participate to begin making important career connections!

Please find information on how to prepare, expected vendors etc. at

Edvantage Cards Have Arrived

Dear Year 1 & 2 Teacher Candidates,

Your 2016-2017 Ontario Teachers’ Federation ‘Edvantage’ Cards have arrived! From November 22nd to December 23rd, you may pick up your card at the Teacher Education Office in Room 1166 between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Distribution will resume on January 9th, in the Education Students’ Council office in Room 2044.

If you require immediate access to your Edvantage number, please e-mail our Vice-President Academic Affairs, Angelica Martinez, at

Have a wonderful practicum, reading week, and alternative field placement!

– Your Education Students’ Council

Reception into the Teaching Profession – PIN Ceremony, November 8 (for Year 1)


Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 1:00pm-3:30pm

PREPARATION:  Read about the promises you will be asked to make:

Academic Integrity & Ethical Conduct, Western Education

Excerpts from We the Teachers of Ontario, Ontario Teachers’ Federation

Ontario College of Teachers’ Standards of Practice & Ethical Guidelines

DRESS:  Smart or Business Casual required

SIGN & BRING WITH YOU:  Your pledge card.

GUESTS:  Guests are welcome.


Paper Tigers – October 18 T2P event for Year 1 and Year 2


Your T2P event for this coming week (October 18) includes a screening of the film “Paper Tigers” as well as pre and post discussion.  Be sure to check out the trailer at

The presentation  will begin at 12:45 and end around 3:30.

Both Year 1 and Year 2 teacher candidates will be participating in this T2P event. Be sure to arrive on time as there will be a large number of you getting seated in the auditorium.