Year 2 Course Selection (2017/18)

Beginning Tuesday, August 1, at 9:30am you will be able to register (online at the Student Center, for your courses.

In preparation for choosing your courses, please see the link to your course selection guide below. The course timetable is not quite ready but will be posted here early the week of July 24 (an email will be sent to you to alert you once it is available).

You may also find it helpful to review the Step by Step Guide to Registration provided by the Registrar’s Office at:

Primary/Junior Year 2 Course Selection Guide
Primary/Junior French Year 2 Course Selection Guide
Junior/Intermediate Year 2 Course Selection Guide
Intermediate/Senior Year 2  Course Selection Guide

Course descriptions for 2017-18 are available at 2017-18coursedescbooklet.

The online registration process runs from August 1 – 7.  While Teacher Education staff will check all timetables with regard to correct courses and number of courses (and will make corrections if necessary), please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in the correct courses.

Should you need help in completing your timetable, you are welcome to make an appointment with one of the staff by contacting Cathy at