Teacher Ed Wellness Committee

The Teacher Education Wellness Committee (TEWC), established Fall 2018, seeks to improve wellness for all teacher candidates, faculty and staff. This section of theteachercandidate.com is intended to highlight wellness initiatives in the faculty, the university and the city.

TEWC Function:  

We seek to:  

  • develop, deliver, evaluate and sustain a comprehensive workplace health and wellness program for our Teacher Education students, faculty and staff.;  
  • identify opportunities to improve workplace well-being to students, faculty and staff;
  • liaise with university wellness organizations to improve the flow of communication, events and activities that benefit our community;
  • support the development of wellness initiatives;
  • explore opportunities to provide wellness programs;
  • to champion wellness in the faculty;
  • to work closely with students, faculty and staff on building a healthy workplace/learning culture.

TEWC Members: 

Teacher Candidates 

  • Princess Marfil, Year 2, Education Students’ Council President 
  • Dilpreet Moti, Year 1 Teacher Candidate 
  • Kaitlyn Vermeeren, Year 1 Teacher Candidate 
  • Katelyn Browning, Year 1 Teacher Candidate 
  • Meagan Barkans, Year 1 Teacher Candidate 


  • Joanne Trudel, Associate Teacher, TVDSB 
  • Dr. Deanna Friesen, Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology 
  • Dr. Susan Rodger, Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology 
  • Dr. Traci Scheepstra, Faculty of Education Instructor 

Teacher Education 

  • Dr. Kathy Hibbert, Associate Dean, Teacher Education 
  • Anna Zuber, Program Manager, Teacher Education 
  • Katie Mentone, Program Coordinator, Teacher Education 

Honourary Member: 

  • Lauren Dehens, Year 1, ESC Wellness Commissioner


Have a wellness-related idea or suggestion? Submit it to online here.


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