T2P: Transition to Professional Practice


As teacher candidates grow from student to teacher, the Transition to Professional Practice (T2P) course guides experiential learning, professionalism, and job preparation over years 1 and 2 of the B.Ed. These important presentations, workshops, and professional development series are built into your timetable to ensure you won’t have any course conflicts. Additional details on each upcoming event will be communicated via the blog and OWL.


3 Branches of Professional Development :




Experiential Learning through Practicum and the Alternative Field Experience (AFE) is a large part of the BEd program! Throughout year 1 and 2, Western Faculty and staff, principals, and teachers from local boards will present you with the tools to succeed as you make the transition from student to teacher.

+ Plus! Tools for Teaching: Simulated Classrooms are safe spaces where teacher candidates can pause, rewind, and “time-out” while reacting to what can be difficult situations that teachers may face on a regular basis. Through observation, professional guidance, participation with peers, and demonstrations to colleagues, teacher candidates are challenged with the question: How would you react in a similar situation?



How is a professional post-secondary program different from others and what does it mean to work in a professional field? Through a series of workshops and interactive sessions, teacher candidates will explore these questions in an interdisciplinary approach.



Teacher education isn’t the last step before you step into your own classroom! The Preparing for the Job sessions throughout years 1 and 2 will include authentic opportunities to learn what to include in a resume, cover letter, and portfolio, how to prepare for interviews and occasional teaching, and opportunities to practice interviewing and have your resume reviewed. Optional evening webinars on using ApplyToEducation will be scheduled.


New! Collaboration, Consultation, Community Fridays :

The Faculty of Education offers optional professional development sessions on Friday mornings. Topics may include authentic approaches to teaching, bridging gaps between school resources and community partners, or classroom management techniques to name a few. Register in advanced to access these tools that you can add to your teaching repertoire! Details about the sessions offered in the Fall term will be posted to TheTeacherCandidate.com and OWL. Friday sessions are scheduled during the Fall and early during the Winter term to accommodate for different course and practicum workloads in the final weeks of classes.



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