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GSA for Students in the B.Ed. Program at Western’s Faculty of Education

The GSA (Gender and Sexuality Aliance) is a welcoming and safe space for gender and sexually diverse students in the B.Ed. program and their allies. It is a space for students to meet with one another with Faculty advisor present. The students themselves will decide and determine how they would like to make use of this space in the first scheduled meeting for the year – just to connect with other 2SLGBTQI+ students and to share their experiences, plan specific social events or to discuss educational matters related to supporting gender and sexual diversity in the B.Ed. program.

Please feel welcome to contact the Faculty Advisors if you have any questions.

GSA Faculty Advisors

Gender-Based & Sexual Violence

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Off-Campus Support:

Faculty of Education Indigenous Education

The Indigenous Education Office (room 1092) is a culturally safe space for Indigenous students and special guests to gather and nurture a sense of community and belonging within the Faculty of Education. This designated space is primarily used to host faculty member and student meetings on-campus and offer Indigenous students a space to gather. The room has a keypad on the door for after hours entry and is made available to Indigenous graduate students.

For information on booking the space for Indigenous-focused initiatives, please contact Chett Monague (Indigenous Program Coordinator) at:

University-wide initiatives: Western is committed to increasing Indigenous voices and presence across all levels of work, study and research. The university-wide Office of Indigenous Initiatives plays a lead role: learn more at

Mental Health Resources for Teacher Candidates

Teachers have the dual task of fostering their own mental health and that of their students. A safe learning environment is one where students feel they can take the necessary risks to learn while being in a classroom that advocates for their mental well-being. Teachers are at the forefront of the fostering of this environment through their modelling, instruction strategies, and overall attitude in the class. 

Here you will find a wealth of resources that will support you in promoting positive mental health habits and conversations in your future classroom. Compiled by Abhishek Shetty, Sunny Shoker and Ashley Turner, BEd Class of 2021, with the support of Dr. Susan Rodger, Principal Investigator, Centre for School Mental Health, in summer 2021.  

Faculty of Education Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee, established for Teacher Education Fall 2018 and broadened to encompass the whole Faculty of Education in Fall 2019, seeks to improve wellness for all Faculty of Education students, faculty and staff.

Wellness Committee meetings are open to everyone! Meetings details are shared through the Faculty of Education weekly eCast email newsletter.

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