2018-19 International AFE Opportunities

Please note that suggestions related to specialty areas of study are not a guarantee of approval; final approval depends on the individual AFE proposal and the connections made between your AFE and specialty area.

For application instructions, visit the International AFEs page

Year 2 AFE 1: Proposals & Supporting Documents Due August 31

The following AFE opportunities are for Fall 2018: November 26 to December 14, unless otherwise noted.

  1. ATLAS – Teach in Spain (ends December 21) – Closed for Fall 2018
  2. Dominican Republic – Community Engaged Learning in Monte Cristi
  3. Overview – Teacher Training at ILA – Closed for Fall 2018
Year 2 AFE 2: Proposals & Supporting Documents Due November 1

The following AFE opportunities are for Spring 2019. Please note some locations offer adjusted timelines due to local holidays. 

  1. Spain– Absolute Internship (Program Brochure Here) – April 23 – May 24, 2019
  2. England– Aurelia Education – April 29 – May 24, 2019
  3. France*– FSL Teacher Training Program at ILA – April 1 – April 27 (Note: April 22 is a holiday) 
  4. France – Exchange (French Specialty Cohort Only; French Immersion Recommended) – April 24 to May 22, 2019
  5. Kuwait– ACA Kuwait (TC Interest Form) – April 3 – May 2, 2019

*link updated Oct19, 2018

**link updated Oct21, 2018 with week by week schedule

It is recommended that for French language experiences, the TC AFE Profile be completed in French

Note: Typically, travel is 1-2 days before placement. TCs must wait to receive confirmation from the host organization before booking flights (in a few cases the host organization may book teacher candidates’ flights)


Applying for an international AFE? Check out these resources… 

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