Year 2 Course Selection

(Posted July 28) Here are some additional details/clarifications regarding course selection.

  1. The pre-registered courses have all been added for you. You can view these by logging into your Student Center ( and choosing “my weekly schedule” from the Planning menu on the right hand side under Academics. Note that this displays a week-by-week schedule – to see an accurate view of what has been added you must look at the second week in September (the first week includes the Monday holiday and will therefore not show your Monday classes).
  2. Additional course details have been added at
    • Some sections of classes are for particular groups only (ie, Junior/Intermediate only, elementary only, secondary only, etc.).
    • Beside the special topics course (5499Q), the topics are now indicated.
    • For 5175Q Music, note that two sections (005 and 006) are designated for those with a prior music background – these are intended only for those who have studied music at university (or at least throughout high school) and/or who have taken music lessons/can play an instrument.
  3. It is likely that the elective schedule will not yet be finalized by next week. We will add these for you once they are available (an email when they are available so that you can let me know what you wish to have added).
  4. As is noted in the course selection guides, all year 2 courses (expect the two for the International Specialty area) will run over both terms (9 weeks in total) regardless of the course suffix.
  5. The online course selection option will remain available next week for those of you who wish it. We will prepare timetables for everyone else.

As indicated in my email of July 25, we will offer this year the opportunity for having your course registration completed by us here in the Teacher Education office.

Below you will find the course selection guides, by program, which list the courses/credits you will need to complete in Year 2. The timetable is available online at (Note that enrolment caps are still being worked on.)

RegistrationGuide Year 2 2017-18-PJ
RegistrationGuide Year 2 2017-18-PJ French
RegistrationGuide Year 2 2017-18-JI
RegistrationGuide Year 2 2017-18-JI French
RegistrationGuide Year 2 2017-18-IS

Course descriptions for 2017-18 are available at 2017-18 Course Description Booklet (updated Aug29, 2017).

Once we have added your courses, we will contact you to let you know your schedule is available for viewing. (Should you choose to register in courses yourself, we will review your schedule later in August to ensure that you are registered in the courses you need.)


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