Salary Evaluation

*Please note that questions regarding salary evaluation/category can only be answered by the OTF Affiliates (OSSTF & QECO). The Teacher Education staff are not the experts in this area and do not wish to mislead you!

  • Your evaluation results will include details on how you can move to the next salary category.
  • It is your responsibility to submit your evaluation results to your school board for salary category placement.

If you plan to teach in a public secondary school, the OSSTF evaluates for salary category:

  • OSSTF offers a preliminary assessment of teacher candidate credentials. The OSSTF provides the assessment form following their T2P presentation…this presentation will take place in early 2019.
  • You have until August 31 to submit the completed application form and transcripts.
  • If you do not pick up an application form, you will be able to submit your application for salary category evaluation only after you are hired (occasional teaching included). This application form is available online.

If you plan to teach in a public elementary school or a Catholic elementary/secondary school, QECO evaluates for salary category:

  • You may apply to QECO for salary category evaluation as a new B.Ed. graduate but only after you have been certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.
  • Newly certified teachers can be evaluated prior to hiring for a 4-month period following OCT certification. This means that if you are certified at the end of June, you are eligible for evaluation until the end of October even if you have not yet been hired.
  • The QECO application form is available online.
  • The QECO presentation (November 2017) can be downloaded here

*Note that if you are in the I/S program, you may wish to be evaluated both by OSSTF and QECO (the QECO evaluation would apply should you end up teaching grades7/8). The two processes are very different and a QECO evaluation is free of charge.

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