Temporary Certificate for Western Teacher Candidates

On January 30, 2021 two provincial regulatory amendments created a new licensing pathway for the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).   

Ontario Regulation 1/21, made under the “Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996”, and Ontario Regulation 2/21, made under the “Education Act”, created a Temporary Certificate of Qualification and Registration with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).   

According to a release by the Ministry of Education,  

“The new temporary certificate is intended to help provide temporary staffing stabilization in our schools. It gives teacher candidates who are enrolled in teacher education programs at Ontario faculties of education the opportunity to be employed as occasional teachers and complete required practicum days at the same time. 

This site will be updated as more information becomes available.  
Last updated: Apr 9/21 8:00AM (Within “Application Instructions”, added emphasis to the instruction that TC’s must notify the TE Office if they’ve applied for the Temporary Certificate.)

Eligibility Requirements - Ontario College of Teachers

According to the Ministry of Education and Ontario College of Teachers, Teacher Candidates can apply for the Temporary Certificate if they:  

  • are expected to successfully complete their Ontario program of professional education by December 31,2021*  
  • have, as of the date of their application, successfully completed a portion of the practicum* and  
  • have made satisfactory progress in their program*  

*As determined by reports made by Faculties of Education and sent to the College upon request of the teacher candidate. In order to be granted the temporary certificate, applicants must have also paid all necessary fees and meet all other applicable certification requirements. 


Eligibility Requirements - Western Faculty of Education

Western's Faculty of Education will approve Teacher Candidates for a Temporary Certificate if: 

  • Practica 1 through 3 are successful and have included a minimum of 50 days 
  • Practicum 3 Principal (or Vice Principal) responds positively to the TE Office's inquiry on whether they recommend the TC for the Temporary Certificate
  • All course work has been completed satisfactorily* (courses end before Practicum 3; final grades are due March 19 and most will be in before that) 

*Excluding EDUC 5025Q and EDUC 5026S – at least 100 of the 210 required AFE hours must be on file with the Teacher Education Office. The full 210 hours must be completed and reported on by May 20, 2021.  

Tentative Timeline
Application Instructions

In order to apply for the Temporary Certificate, please complete the following steps: 

  • Submit the Ontario College of Teachers’ Temporary Certificate application
  • Email Anna Zuber at zuber@uwo.ca indicating that you’ve applied for the Temporary Certificate (please include your OCT number, if you haven’t already submitted that) 
  • Review Western’s OCT Certification Instructions (these are the standard licensing instructions, NOT the temporary instructions, but include some helpful information on OCT policies)
  • Submit all required documentation and fees to the OCT (this includes your ‘in progress’ BEd transcript; you’ll also need to submit your ‘program complete’ transcript later in the spring to convert your Temporary Certificate to the permanent one)
  • Complete Practicum 3 successfully – all Practicum 3 Reports must be submitted by the AT online here, before March 17, 2021 at the latest 
  • Check the OWL Project Site “Teacher Ed Yr2” > BEd Checklist for the status of your: 
    • Principal Recommendation (submitted by the P3 Principal to the TE Office) 
    • Faculty Temporary Certificate Report (submitted by the TE Office, on completion of Western requirements, to the OCT) 
  • Apply to boards’ Temporary Certificate OT positions  

In most cases, these steps do not need to be completed consecutively. See the Tentative Timeline (above) and the Western Temporary Certificate Workflow (below) for more details.  

Download this workflow as a PDF

Download this workflow as a PDF

Teaching on a Temporary Certificate

The Temporary Certificate is designed to allow Teacher Candidates to work as Occasional Teachers.  

The hiring process will vary by board.  

We expect that the earliest a Western Teacher Candidate could be granted a Temporary Certificate would be late-March or early-April 2021, during the Practicum 4 block.  

After preliminary discussions with school boards, we expect that during the Practicum 4 block most schools will attempt to balance AT needs/expectations with the school’s OT needs. It’s expected that Teacher Candidates holding a Temporary Certificate while on Practicum will likely only be offered OT positions in the Practicum school (or family of schools). This is not finalized though and may vary by board and/or school. 

Teacher Candidates holding a Temporary Certificate must follow all OCT requirements to convert their Temporary Certificate to a general Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

Reporting Temporary Certificate Teaching Days

To have your days spent teaching on a Temporary Certificate credited towards your BEd Practicum requirement, submit the following report:

Temporary Certificate - Teacher Candidate Self-Report 

Submit one TC Self-Report for each school that you have completed Temporary Certificate teaching days at. Include all Temporary Certificate teaching days completed at that school, regardless of whether they were completed consecutively.

After you submit the Self-Report, the school's Principal will receive an email asking them to fill out a short online form confirming your teaching days. You will receive an email notification once they have confirmed.

If you have questions, or need to arrange an alternate reporting process, please contact Joanne Lombardi, Practicum Coordinator, at jplombar@uwo.ca

More Information
Western Resources 
  • Western Temporary Certificate Workflow (PDF / JPG) 
  • Temporary Certificate: Tentative Timeline for Teacher Candidates at Western University (PDF / PNG) 
Ministry/OCT Resources 
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