OCT Certification

The OCT registration/certification process is outlined in detail within the Registration Guide for Ontario B.Ed. Graduates.

  1. Apply online to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)  You will receive a 6-digit registration number as soon as you submit your initial application to the OCT.  You may apply as early as you wish; your certification will not be completed, though, until all documents (including your B.Ed. final transcript) have been submitted.
  2. Once you have obtained your 6-digit OCT registration number, email it to Anna at zuber@uwo.ca – it is required before we can send our Faculty Report (see below) to the OCT.
  3. Arrange to have your transcripts (undergraduate plus B.Ed.) sent directly to the OCT — we do not send these for you. If you completed your degree(s) in Ontario, you may order your transcripts electronically via the OUAC – a link is provided within the OCT application. You may also request your transcript through your Student CenterBe sure to request your teacher education transcript to be submitted to the OCT after your BEd has been conferred.

 Note: If you have completed your undergraduate degree at Western (including Kings, Brescia, & Huron), you must wait to order your transcript for the OCT until after you have applied to graduate with your B.Ed. If you order it before that, it will be sent immediately and you will then need to request another one once your B.Ed. has been conferred.

4. The Faculty Report to the OCT will be submitted automatically by the Teacher Education office after successful completion of your BEd program requirements and adjudication of your grades – approximately mid-May. (Remember, we must have your 6-digit OCT number on file in order to send this!)

 The OCT also requires you to submit:

  • A copy of proof of identity
  • Original Canadian criminal record check report (must not be older than 6 months from the date the OCT receives it)
  • Copy of proof of change of name (if applicable)

It will take the OCT approximately 10 business days after your file is complete to license you – approximately June 30th.

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