Mathematics Proficiency Test

On August 21, 2019 the Government of Ontario announced new regulations – requiring all new teachers successfully complete a Mathematics Proficiency Test (MPT) in order to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) on or after March 31, 2020.

Western’s Faculty of Education will post all Math Proficiency Test-related information here as we receive it. Follow to be notified of updates.

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Test Details outlines the current guidelines for the MPT:

  • web-based and in-person, hosted on testing centre computers
  • completed within 2 hours (test sessions can be extended up to 4 hours)
  • 75 questions covering Math Curriculum (grades 3-9) and Pedagogy
  • A 70% score will be required in both Curriculum and Pedagogy in order to pass the test
  • Followed by the 32-question Mathematics Attitude and Perceptions Survey (MAPS)

A detailed breakdown is available at the EQAO’s MPT website within their Assessment Blueprint.

If you think you require accommodations, we ask that you register with Student Accessibility Services now.

Preparing for the Test

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) and its Affiliates have written to the Ministry of Education strongly urging them to cancel the test. The Ontario Association of Deans of Education (OADE) have requested that if the test is not canceled then specific details and guidebooks be provided. In the meantime, we encourage teacher candidates to review the following resources:

Math Resources (from EQAO MPT)

  1. EQAO MPT Sample Test (& Solutions Set developed by Dr. Gadanidis)
  2. MPT Sample Test 2 (& Solutions Set) for Feb 12 webinar
  3. Grade 9 EQAO Assessments– multiple choice math assessment booklets

Math Resources (from Western Faculty of Education)

  1. TC Peer Support: Videos, Worksheets & Flash Cards – under Tab 2 of spreadsheet
  2. Math Help #3: Sample Questionsanswer key
  3. Math Help #2: Linear Relationships Part 2 – recording of November 4 webinar
  4. Math Help #1: Linear Relationships – recording of October 24 webinar
  5. Linear Relationships Help Page– developed by Dr. George Gadanidis, FoE Math Coordinator
  6. EQAO MPT Content Summary (compiled from the MPT’s Assessment Blueprint)


  1. Ministry of Education’s Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools
  2. Ministry of Education’s Learning for All – A Guide to Effective Assessment and Instruction for All Students
  3. Ministry of Education’s Mathematics Curriculum Front Matter (elementary and secondary)

We will update this external resource list with public press releases as well as any related memos that are received by the Faculty of Education.

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