Further Studies

For many of you, learning will be a life long passion!

Here are two of the most common avenues of further study that our graduates pursue:

Laddering into a Master of Professional Education (MPEd)

Our Bachelor of Education graduates have the opportunity to gain advanced standing in our MPEd, a professionally-focused, course-based Master’s degree delivered completely online, allowing students to work full-time during their studies.

MPEd Laddering info sessions will be scheduled throughout the year – typically we’ll host a Year 1 info session in January and a Year 2 info session in October. Watch your 5008 Transition to Professional Practice schedule for details.

Additional Qualifications

Western’s ASPIRE Office offers many Additional Qualifications that are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. These are typically offered online on a part-time basis.

Drop into the Teacher Education Office (1131) or ASPIRE Office (1090) anytime during office hours for more information.

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