Career Expo

Virtual Career Expo 2021:

Employer Displays

We will continue to add new Exhibitors, and update current Exhibitors’ “displays”, throughout Term 2 so check back regularly!

Are you an employer interested in exhibiting? Email to be added to our mailing list.

Employer Events

Many of the employers “exhibiting” in this year’s BEd Career Expo are planning information sessions for Teacher Candidates. These events are included in their Exhibitor Displays, and are also in the T2P Schedule for your convenience:

Need help preparing? Check out the Tips on Resumes & Interviews with School Districts T2P session.

Western’s Faculty of Education welcomes employers from around the world to meet with Teacher Candidates. The Faculty does not however, endorse any individual hiring agents. Candidates are encouraged to fully research any offers of employment to ensure that the teaching experience meets their desired professional goals.

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