Award for Excellence

We are proud to honour Associate Teachers & AFE Supervisors!

Placements are a critical part of the preparation of new teachers and are only possible because of the many Associate Teachers and AFE Supervisors that support our teacher candidates. 

Since 1986, the Faculty of Education has recognized the dedication and commitment of these community members through the annual Awards for Excellence. 

Placement supervisors are nominated each year by the Teacher Candidates with whom they work. From the nominees, a committee within the Faculty of Education selected the recipients. This year, award recipients will receive a package mailed to their school/organization so that they can celebrate and share their recognition with their colleagues.

2022 Award for Excellence Recipients

Nomination Process

Did you have a placement host that went above and beyond? That inspired you and their students? Celebrate them by nominating them for the Award for Excellence:

  1. Complete the Nomination Form
  2. Attach a letter of support explaining why you think they’re the best
  3. Submit to the Teacher Education Office before April 30

Nominations should be for ATs or AFE Supervisors from the current academic year. Teacher Candidates can nominate more than one AT and/or AFE Supervisor.

2021 Nomination Forms:

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