International AFEs

2018-19 Faculty-Arranged International AFE Opportunities have been posted here.

The Faculty of Education arranges several international opportunities for the AFE, and we are always working on additional partnerships! Teacher candidates do not have to be in the International Specialty to complete an international AFE.

Applying for a Faculty-Arranged International AFE
  1. Review the Faculty-Arranged International AFE Opportunities (link above) for locations and application deadlines
  2. Submit an AFE Proposal online, clearly articulating your goals and interest in the opportunity
  3. Download and complete the Teacher Candidate Profile and submit to the BEd Program Coordinator (
  4. Submit any supporting documents that are listed on the International Opportunity summary sheet (ex. resume, cover letter, Interest Form) to the BEd Program Coordinator (

Additional steps will be required to complete the application process before a teacher candidate can travel, including online training modules and in-person workshops. Review the Preparation Checklist for International AFEs and save the dates.

Interested in more than one? Teacher candidates may apply for more than one opportunity. Documentation must be submitted for each choice in order for the applications to be reviewed. Please let the BEd Program Coordinator know which is your first, second, etc. choice.

Independently-Arranged AFEs

We strongly encourage teacher candidates take advantage of Faculty-arranged AFEs. These include vetted organizations, educational and cultural integration, strong safety protocol and insurance policies to protect you.

If you are interested in unique international opportunities outside of the Faculty-arranged options, please refer to Western’s ATLAS International Experiences Portal. These opportunities are pre-arranged through partnerships with third-party organizations around the world and have been approved by Western.

In order to maintain teacher candidate safety and security, international AFEs arranged independently by a teacher candidate are not considered approved international activity or “University Activities”. Western University’s Safety Abroad Policy states the following on this subject: “3.3 […] activities organized solely by a student or group of students are not included unless they otherwise meet the definition of University Activities”.

Updated January 2018



Western’s Safety Abroad Steps for Students

Western International Week & Passport Contest will be hosted November 12 – 16, 2018

Global Opportunity Awards / Scholarships

  • Western International GO Awards
    • Global Opportunities encourages you to apply early, and it is not necessary to have international placements confirmed to apply. Awards are managed through Financial Services; please contact their office for more information about the status of your application. More details can be found on their site!
  • Western Awards Search
  • External Scholarship Databases – Yconic, ScholarshipsCanada


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