What is the AFE?

The Bachelor of Education includes two non-credit Alternative Field Experience courses:

  1. EDUC 5025Q Alternative Field Experience I: A field placement or research or leadership project, in support of specialty courses. Three weeks, .25 credit. Year two, first term.
  2. EDUC 5026S Alternative Field Experience II: A second field placement or research or leadership project, in support of specialty courses, or, with approval, another aspect of teacher development. Four weeks, .25 credit. Year two, second term.

Each Alternative Field Experience must be full-time, include supervision/mentorship and be related to the field of education. Teacher candidates are expected to find their own Alternative Field Experiences. If support is needed, contact the Teacher Education Office.


Purpose of the AFE

Alternative Field Experiences (EDUC 5025Q and EDUC 5026S) provide opportunities to try something different — to widen your experience, expand your knowledge, and develop your skills. In addition to professional development and networking, AFEs also provide valuable learning for future employment searches:

Job Search Experience Teacher candidates will gain experience searching for a role and selling themselves to an organization, within the safe environment of a field experience. You will also gain experience articulating specific learning objectives and teaching pedagogies through the AFE Proposal and Final Report, a skill set that is extremely valuable in interviews.

Competitive Advantage The additional experience of the AFE, above and beyond the practica required by the Ontario College of Teachers, will set you apart in future school board interviews. School boards often use group interview strategies, and Western teacher candidates will be prepared to articulate their AFE learning objectives and how those supplemental experiences will benefit their future classrooms.

Supporting Materials You will also be able to include your AFE Proposals / Final Reports in your Teaching Portfolio, Ontario College of Teachers account and ApplyToEducation applications.


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