Planning the AFE

  1. Find an AFE

Your first AFE must relate to your Specialty. Beyond that, let your interests guide you. This is a chance for you to try something different, to gain experiences that will bring unique perspectives into your future classrooms!

Consider non-traditional classrooms, community organizations, non-profits, health care facilities, museums, government organizations.   

  1. Contact your potential AFE

Introduce yourself to the person and/or organization you’re interested in working with. Search their website for any specific initiatives you’re interested in, or look through their directory for someone with a job title including “outreach”, “community involvement” or “human resources”.

Keep your initial email simple, outlining how you can support them and what you hope to learn. Include our Letter of Introduction to formalize your request.

Note that some school boards (see AFE FAQ) require AFE placements to be coordinated directly through them by Teacher Education staff. Contact the Teacher Education office with your request (school, grade, subject and/or teacher).

3. Submit your AFE Proposal

Complete the online AFE Proposal Form and submit it before the proposal deadline. After submitting you’ll receive a copy of your submission by email.

Within the AFE Proposal Form you’ll be asked to clearly outline your learning objectives for the AFE as they relate to your professional goals and, in the case of AFE 1, as they relate to your Specialty. Once the AFE concludes, you’ll submit a formal AFE Final Report reflecting on your learning objectives. Most teacher candidates require about 75-100 words per learning objective to clearly explain their goals.

TIP – To clearly articulate the connection between your AFE 1 and your Specialty, review the Specialty Course Outline for specific teaching approaches or philosophies that are applicable to the AFE.

  1. Wait for approval from the Faculty of Education

Proposals will be reviewed by the Teacher Education office and the Specialty Coordinators. We will process and review these as quickly as we can, with an estimated turnaround time of 3 weeks.

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