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Western University’s two year Bachelor of Education (BEd) is composed of 27 weeks of courses, 27 weeks of practical experience and 28 days of professional development.

Teacher candidates (TC’s) specialize in: Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Achievement, Inclusion and Mental Health; Early Childhood Education; French – Elementary; French – Secondary; International Education; Mathematics through the Arts; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education; or Urban Education.

Year two of the BEd includes two full-time Alternative Field Experiences (AFE):

Fall – 3 weeks at end of Term 1* & Spring – 4 weeks at end of Term 2

The AFE is a full-time volunteering/interning opportunity for TCs to broaden their knowledge of the local community. It can be completed anywhere that will enhance their learning and experience.

*the Fall AFE must relate to the teacher candidate’s specialty stream

Teacher Candidate Responsibilities:

  1. Liaise with the Host to coordinate the AFE details
  2. Submit the AFE Proposal**/Final Report

AFE Host Responsibilities:

  1. Provide meaningful and mutually beneficial work***
  2. Review and sign off on the TC’s final report

Teacher Ed Office Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate a Placement Agreement, as needed
  2. Support AFE Hosts and TCs as needed

**AFE Proposals must be reviewed by the Teacher Ed Office. Approval is not guaranteed.

***The Alternative Field Experience is not a practicum placement and can be completed outside of a classroom setting. There is no “per diem” and the only reporting requirement is signing off on the teacher candidate’s final report.


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Read about our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of London here!

Interested in becoming an AFE host?

Coordinate directly with a teacher candidate or contact the Teacher Education Office using the form below:

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