AFE Final Report

Review the AFE Proposal and Report Guide here.  This guide includes rubrics, examples, and an FAQ section! 


2018-19 Important Dates

AFE Fall 2018  – November 26 to December 14, 2018

  1. Final Report Due – December 17, 2018


AFE Spring 2019 – April 1 – 26, 2019

  1. Final Report Due April 29, 2019


Submitting your AFE Report…

In order for you to have enough to reflect on in your teaching practice (and upcoming courses after AFE 1), you can reflect on the following prompts:

  • How did your experience affect your perspective on teaching?
  • What examples can you give from your experience that relate to what you’ve learned about yourself as a teacher?

Remember that these responses will help guide you when preparing for interviews for teaching or education positions in the future. Most teacher candidates need about 75 words to fully develop each response (but the content is more important than the word count).


You can now opt to submit your AFE Final Report online! No need to scan or fax to your supervisor or to the Teacher Education Office. 

There are just a few easy steps…

Teacher Candidates: 

  1. Complete the Digital AFE Report here!
  2. A copy will automatically be sent to your supervisor, to the Teacher Education Office, and to you – all by email!


  1. Teacher Candidates will initiate the report by completing the above digital form
  2. Once you receive your copy by email, follow the link to complete your portion of the AFE Final Report
  3. A copy will automatically be sent to the Teacher Education Office and to you – all by email! Teacher Candidates requesting a final copy should email you and request a copy is forwarded to them.

Prefer to use a printed copy of the report? Download it here!

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