Friday FAQ: AQs for new grads

What are Additional Qualification (AQ) courses? 

Additional Qualifications (AQ) are regulated courses that allow Ontario teachers to expand their knowledge and skills within divisions/subjects they are already licensed to teach, or to acquire knowledge in new subject areas.  

Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ) allow Ontario teachers to add another division or subject area to what they are already qualified to teach. ABQ courses can prepare teachers to teach students at the Primary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior level

We will refer to both AQs and ABQs under the umbrella term AQs for the remainder of this document. 

When can I take my first Additional Qualification course? 

Teacher candidates from an Ontario-accredited Teacher Education program who have successfully completed their pre-service teacher education program can enrol in AQs.

Teacher candidates graduating in Spring 2021 must meet the following requirements in order to register for an AQ: 

  • Meet all admission prerequisites required by the AQ provider 
  • Have completed all of the graduation components for their initial Teacher Education program 
  • Have their Faculty Report on file with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) [typically sent mid-May – for more information click here
  • Have started the registration process to become a member of the OCT
Can I start an AQ before I finish my Bachelor of Education? 

You must have completed all requirements of your initial Teacher Education program before being admitted into the AQ.  Therefore, students must typically be in Year Two of the program to enroll in an AQ course.

Candidates must be fully registered with the OCT no later than the AQ course end date.  If an AQ is reported before the candidate is an OCT member, the AQ will be considered by the College to have been taken for personal professional learning purposes and will never appear on the member’s General Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

If I hold an OCT Temporary Certificate, can I take an AQ?

Applicants holding an OCT Temporary Certificate must still meet all requirements listed above in order to register for an AQ.

It is important to note that AQ qualifications will not appear on a teacher candidate’s Temporary Certificate of Qualification and Registration but will be awarded once the candidate holds a General Certificate of Qualification and Registration, provided the candidate meets all requirements outlined in Part III of Regulation 176/10 to be awarded the qualification.  To learn more about converting the Temporary Certificate to a General Certificate, visit the OCT’s website.

Where can I take Additional Qualification courses? 

At Western, the Advanced Studies in Professional Education (ASPirE) program offers many online AQs.  Take a look at their 2021 Career Expo: Virtual Display Booth to learn more.

A full listing of AQ course offerings in Ontario is available through the Ontario College of Teachers AQ Directory

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