Yr1 Conference Week – Recordings and AFE Hours

Conference Week 2021
Tuesday, February 16 to Friday, February 19, 2021

Thanks to all participants and organizers for a successful Conference Week 2021!

Session Recordings

We are happy to report that many of the presenters agreed that recordings of their sessions could be shared!

There are 18 Conference Week 2021 session recordings available in a YouTube playlist:


Teacher Candidates were expected to attend a minimum of 3 synchronous Conference Week sessions.

Since the end of Conference Week, we have been reviewing the all sessions’ attendance (including Check for Understanding submissions) to confirm participation.

By the end of day this Friday, March 5, we plan to upload the full CW attendance lists to OWL (“BEd Class of 2022” > “BEd Checklist”) so that each Teacher Candidate will have access to their attendance only, in order to double check their attendance was recorded. If a Teacher Candidate didn’t meet the minimum attendance requirement, the Teacher Education Office will be in touch with them directly about next steps.

You will be notified once OWL is updated and ready for review.

AFE Hours

The AFE Reports (Proposal/Self-Evaluation) are waived for Conference Week sessions; we will automatically add your Conference Week attendance to your AFE hours (one hour for each session).

You will be sent a confirmation once your AFE Hours have been updated and are ready for review.

Using Conference Week Recordings for AFE Hours

Under the current AFE guidelines (see TheTeacherCandidate.com/AFE), professional development can count towards AFE hours. Attending additional Conference Week sessions asynchronously, using the YouTube playlist, can qualify for AFE hours, as long as you submit all required documentation:

The AFE Report process is only waived for the Conference Week sessions attended Feb 16-19. In order to count asynchronous Conference Week attendance (ie watching recordings), you must submit an AFE Proposal in advance outlining your learning goals, an AFE Self-Evaluation reflecting on your learning and a Supervisor’s Report or alternate documentation confirming the experience.*

*TIP: If you plan to use additional professional development sessions (like Conference Week recordings, optional T2P, other workshops, conferences, etc.) towards your AFE hours, we recommend submitting one AFE Proposal outlining all of your PD-related learning goals. It can include goals for specific PD, like CW recordings, but also more general goals (and it can be “unsupervised”). That way, as you encounter new PD opportunities throughout the course of the program, you don’t have to submit a new AFE Proposal every time. As you complete professional development, keep good records for yourself. Whenever you’re ready to submit all of your PD-related AFE hours (before May 20 in Yr2), fill out the AFE Self-Evaluation form reflecting on all of your PD-related learning. If you indicate the experience was “unsupervised”, you’ll be prompted to submit alternate documentation confirming your PD completion (ex. certificates of completion, screenshots, reflections, etc.)

If you have any questions about the AFE, contact kmentone@uwo.ca

To learn more about Conference Week, visit TheTeacherCandidate.com/ESC/Conference-Week

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