Yr1 Conference Week – Feedback

Conference Week 2021
Tuesday, February 16 to Friday, February 19, 2021

In February 2021, all Year 1 teacher candidates had one week of class replaced with one week of Professional Development. This “Conference Week” was organized by the Education Students’ Council and the Faculty of Education.

We want to get your feedback and hear about your experience at Conference Week this year. It will help us plan the event better next year. Please share your feedback at bit.ly/ESCCW2021feedback

Thank you to the volunteers for moderating the sessions this year. Thank you again to all the Year 1’s for actively participating in the event this year.  

Abhishek Shetty (he/him)
Vice President, Academic Affairs 2020/2021
Education Students’ Council (ESC)
Western University

To learn more about Conference Week, visit TheTeacherCandidate.com/ESC/Conference-Week

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