Friday FAQ: Reporting on your first AFE

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I’ve finished my 120 hours for the AFE, how do I report it? 

The AFE reporting instructions are outlined at In summary, the following reports should be submitted to the Teacher Education Office before June 15, 2020

  1. TC Self-Evaluation – available as an online form (recommended*) or pdf 
  1. AFE Supervisor’s Report – available as an online form (recommended)* or pdf 

*Online versions of the forms are recommended because the TC/Supervisor/Teacher Ed Office will all automatically receive emailed copies of the completed forms. If you use the PDF versions, you must manually submit them to all parties. 

In the current situation there are a wide array of AFE arrangements and we understand that the standard reporting process may need to be adapted to fit your circumstances (or your Supervisor’s).  For alternate reporting options, click here. 

How do I know if you’ve received my AFE final reports? 

If you submitted the “online form” version of the reports you will receive an email confirming submission. To ensure you receive it, mark as a safe sender and check your spam. 

After we receive and review your Self-Evaluation and AFE Supervisor’s Report (or supporting documentation, as applicable) in whatever format you used, the Teacher Education Office will send you an email to confirm that your EDUC 5026S credit is complete. This typically happens within 1-3 weeks of your reports being submitted.  

I won’t be able to complete all 120 hours by June 15 – can I continue my AFE after that date? 

After June 15, 2020, teacher candidates will not be able to accumulate hours towards the AFE credit. We’re currently working to determine if teacher candidates can resume work on their AFE hours prior to November (when the next AFE block is scheduled to start). There are several requirements we need to navigate, such as ensuring you’re covered under placement insurance without triggering any additional charges or tuition. 

Please submit the AFE final reports, recording the hours that you have completed, for June 15. If there are hours outstanding, they can be completed later. 

If you plan to continue your work past June 15 anyway, you may wish to document your work for your own records. If we’re able to retroactively consider AFE hours completed after June 15 we will do so. 

I completed over 120 hours – can I use that time towards my other AFE credit? 

At this point we have not been approved for teacher candidates to begin working on the EDUC 5025Q Alternative Field Experience I credit. We’re also not sure yet if the 2020-21 AFE will follow this term’s amended requirements, return to the original requirements, or take another form, but we are working to create a plan that is flexible while maintaining the academic integrity of the program.  

You can record all of the hours you completed this term (including anything above and beyond the minimum 120 hours) within the AFE final reports that are due by June 15. We will note the overage and, if possible, work to credit it towards your next AFE credit.  

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