Hiring: Impact Teachers, UK


With the Ontario government announcing budget cuts, larger classroom sizes and hiring freeze, we want to ensure that recent graduates are not worried about their future and know what their different options may be. There are many different job opportunities in England including supply and LTO contracts being offered to Canadian teachers, so that they can gain full time classroom experience until they can find positions back home in Canada.

Here at Impact Teachers, we understand how stressful of a time this can be for students. Many have their hopes set on gaining permanent employment in Ontario, but teaching in the UK can be an interim solution. Principals in the UK are consistently looking for positive and strong Canadian trained teachers to join their team throughout the year.

Why should teachers work in the UK?

  • We offer competitive salaries for new graduates (beginning at $40,000 CAD).
  • Opportunities for full time or part time contracts.
  • Three term school schedule, with plenty of holidays and breaks to recharge throughout the year.
  • Develop strong behaviour management skills, gain a unique, international teaching perspective.

Why work with Impact Teachers?

  • We offer guaranteed job contracts and guaranteed supply contracts.
  • Assistance with flights, visa, accommodations, bank accounts and so much more.
  • Social Events and a strong community and support system of Canadians teachers.
  • Teacher Training volunteer opportunities in India and Kenya.
  • Various professional development opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Falen Lundrigan, Canadian Candidate Manager

Impact Teachers
M: 1 902 229 7202
CAN: 1 800 714 5138


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