FAQ – Alt Field Experience Planning

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I’m in Year 1 and starting to plan my fall Alternative Field Experience. Where should I start?

Check out the OWL site AFE – Alt Field Experience (BEd Class of 2020). Here you’ll find the AFE requirements, step-by-step instructions and resources. Starting in late-May, we’ll be adding the information of current AFE Supervisors that are eager to host again next term.

(The AFE-related information here on TheTeacherCandidate.com is geared towards the current Year 2’s. Please disregard it for now and refer to OWL instead. TheTeacherCandidate.com/AFE will be updated for 2019-2020 in mid-May)

What should look for in a potential AFE host?

In order to qualify as an Alternative Field Experience, the opportunity must be full-time, include meaningful work, have consistent supervision, related to education and, in the case of AFE 1, be related to your Specialty.

After securing a host, you’ll submit an AFE Proposal that:

  1. outlines your learning goals for the experience and
  2. explains how the opportunity meets the AFE requirements above

Approval of the AFE Proposal is not guaranteed. The Proposal must be approved before a teacher candidate can begin an AFE.

For the Term 1 AFE Proposal, you’ll want to clearly articulate the connection to your Specialty. Take a look at the Specialty course outlines and consider which readings or teaching strategies apply.

Can I use Supply Teaching for my Alternative Field Experience?

No, Supply Teaching (or other teaching jobs) are not considered for the AFE. An important requirement of the Alternative Field Experience is having a regular Supervisor who will guide and mentor you continuously. Teacher candidates may not be left alone with students or take the place of a teacher.

(On another note, keep in mind that the OTF strongly advises teacher candidates against uncertified teaching)

What if I have more questions?

When in doubt, just ask! You can contact Katie Mentone, Program Coordinator, at kmentone@uwo.ca or eduwo@uwo.ca

Check the OWL AFE site throughout the summer and subscribe to TheTeacherCandidate.com to keep up-to-date on all BEd related information.

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