FAQ – Recognizing Instructors and Mentors

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I had the best Instructor/Associate Teacher/AFE Host – how can I tell someone about them?

The Bachelor of Education can only be delivered because of the service of hundreds of instructors and placement hosts. The Education Students’ Council and Teacher Education Office believe it’s important to recognize the positive impact they have on teacher candidates.

Each spring the work of instructors and placement hosts is honoured through the granting of awards. You are encouraged to submit nominations for any instructor or placement host that inspired you:

Undergraduate Teaching Award:

  • Nomination form
  • Due by 5pm on Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • Winners will be recognized at the morning Award Ceremony at Convocation on June 10, 2019

Award for Excellence – Associate Teacher:

Award for Excellence – AFE Supervisor:


What is a “letter of support”, as required by the Award for Excellence nominations?

A “letter of support” is written by the person submitting the nomination (in this case, the teacher candidate). It explains why you chose to nominate them and why they are an excellent candidate for the award. The award committee will use this letter to select the most deserving recipient.

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