FAQ – Co-Curricular Record

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What is Western’s Co-Curricular Record (WCCR)?

Western’s Co-Curricular Record is an official document from Western that chronicles your participation in activities outside of the classroom. You compile the virtual version and are able to download customized records for job applications and teaching portfolios.

What sessions and events can I find in the WCCR?

The Teacher Education Office adds all of the T2P and Conference Week micro-credentials to the WCCR. These are identified on the Teacher Ed schedule with a WCCR “stamp of approval”. You will also find events run by other Western departments.

Note that we do not add employment related sessions (resume review, mock-interviews, etc.) to the WCCR, as they are not typically considered professional development.

How do I add a session to my WCCR?

To create your WCCR and add a session, login at westerncareercentral.ca Click on “Co-Curricular Record” in the left panel and, in the Directory, search for the session title or use keyword “5008 Transition to Professional Practice”. After you request that a session be added to to your WCCR, validators will confirm your attendance before approving the request.

Can I add other sessions to the WCCR if they aren’t listed already?

Yes! While we strive to enter all Teacher Education-arranged professional development sessions into the WCCR, there are many other events and special projects happening that are not yet included. To request an activity be added to the WCCR, fill out the online request form.

Can I add activities I did at Western in previous years?

No. Unfortunately the WCCR follows the academic calendar and does not allow activities to be added retroactively from previous years. It is very important that you keep your record up-to-date.

The last date to add 2018-2019 activities to your WCCR is April 30, 2019. 

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