Hiring – Honduras Bilingual School

Escuela Internacional Sampedrana

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Escuela Internacional Sampedrana is located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Many of our teachers are from Ontario, British Columbia or the United States.

We are currently hiring in each grade level. The positions are perfect for first year teachers who are interested in going abroad. You have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of 4 other incredible, supportive teachers, with each member of the team planning for a different subject area. Our schedule for students is from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. with Specialty classes that students go to during the day to allow for time for teachers to plan and meet with their teams. Every Wednesday, students leave early so teachers can attend professional development, team plan, or perform other tasks related  to learning about teaching. During that time, teachers can accumulate about 150 hours of professional development that is recognized for future employments and stay current in education. The school uses American curriculum such as guided reading and Lucy Calkin’s Writer’s (1-5 grades) and Reader’s workshop (4 and 5 grades), so the transition to teaching at the school is quite easy. Teachers have the freedom to try new things and are provided feedback frequently by coworkers, coaches, and admin. It is an environment of support in a family oriented setting where teachers feel valued and respected.

In addition, the school helps in the transition to living in the country, for that we have a person who is devoted to work with teachers very closely. Housing, transportation to school, and round trip flights home are all provided by the school. Free Spanish classes are offered for free to teachers after school, so Spanish is not necessary upon arrival to the country and basic Spanish can be easily learned. Outside of school teachers can participate in dancing classes, Scuba diving classes (the bay island of Utila is not far away- teachers usually go there every September as a group trip as the school pays for the transportation for 2 group trips), and on the weekends you can go out, go to the pool, or the beach is only 45 minutes away.

Living and working in Honduras becomes a great experience for teachers looking for a place to grow and enjoy their time abroad. It makes it easy to travel to other countries in Latin America. The community of teachers is welcoming and the parents of the school are very supportive. Last but not least, we are a green school with a tropical climate all year, with rainy winters. We are located at the skirt of a beautiful mountain inside the city.

More information:

If you are interested, please contact rdiscua@seishn.com for more information.


Rhina Briceno

Elementary Principal

NOTE: Western BEd ’18 graduate, Lexia Simmons, is currently working at EIS. If you’d like to ask Lexia about her experience, you can contact her at lsimmo2@uwo.ca

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