FAQ – Practicum

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I’m in Year 1 – when will I find out my Practicum 2 assignment?

The Practicum Database is usually opened two Fridays before practicum begins. This term we will be opening it one week early, on the afternoon of Friday, March 8. An announcement will be sent to your UWO email address once the database is live.

I’m in Year 1 – when can I submit my requests for Practicum 3?

Requests for Practicum 3 (Year 2, Term 1) can be submitted through the Practicum Database. This will be open from the afternoon of Friday, March 8 until Friday, March 15.

Practicum placements are made in cooperation with the Ontario school boards. Both the Teacher Education Office and the various boards do their best to accommodate all teacher candidate requests, but we cannot guarantee the outcome. Provincial teaching legislation requirements will take priority over personal requests. Additional information on these requirements is available online here.

I’m in Year 1 – how can I prepare for practicum?

First and foremost, make sure to review the  School Board-specific requirements. These must be met before the school will allow you to begin your practicum placement.  You’ll also want to review the Practicum Handbook and Policies.

If you have additional questions, just let us know. We’ll be holding a Practicum Q&A on Tuesday, March 5 at 1 pm (Community Room). You’re also welcome to drop by or call the Practicum Manager, Carolyn Wilson, anytime (room 1131 / 519-661-2111 x81158 / cwils66@uwo.ca)

I’m in Year 1 or 2 – I LOVE my AT! How can I share that?

Nominate them for the Teacher Education annual awards! We’re currently accepting nominations for the 2019 Associate Teacher’s Award for Excellence. Nominations are due by April 20, 2019.

(Nominations for the 2019 AFE Supervisor’s Award for Excellence are also open)



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