Attn: Yr1 Healthy Relationships Program for LGBT2Q+ Youth training session


HRP for LGBT2Q+ Youth Training Poster Feb


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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Candidate Testimonials:

from session held Feb 1, 2019

  • “The practical facilitation was really useful because I got to see how to implement the sessions”
  • “Practical and thorough resource!  It’s one thing to have passion/knowledge, but you need to know what to do with it!”
  • “I learned many new terms and strategies that I can pass along to make a more educated and welcoming world”
  • “So helpful, prompting questions I can use with students in classrooms/GSA groups!”
  • “I learned how to create safer spaces and teaching tools to better support students in the classroom”
  • “It was nice to walk through [program sessions] together and talk about things that students might bring up”
  • “This training has taught me so much!! Having no experience with GSAs, I was going in blind.  However, now I feel more confident to facilitate one”
  • “…it is ok not to know everything and that learning and trying is what will create change…”
  • “How to practically apply my knowledge and background to help students”
  • “How to promote well-being…”
  • “How to support LGBT2Q+ youth”
  • “Everyone has different experiences and I will use this [as an] opportunity to learn from others”
  • “Bridge the gap between LGBT2Q+ youth and allies”
  • “Teacher does not have to be expert! But [the] goal [is] to let students share and explore their knowledge, in a safe space”

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