FAQ – Alternative Field Experience

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Katie Mentone, Program Coordinator

I’m in year 1…when should I start planning my Alternative Field Experience?

Mentone: There’s no hurry! An upcoming T2P session (Feb12) will be focused on introducing the AFE to Year 1’s, including what it is, what qualifies and the process for securing one. If you’re eager to get a head start, you’re welcome to explore the Alternative Field Experience section of the blog, just note that the info here is directed to Year 2 teacher candidates and is subject to change.

I’m in year 2…I submitted my AFE Proposal before the deadline – when will I hear if it’s approved?

Mentone: We’re currently processing the AFE Proposals. Anyone who submitted their proposal by January 31 can expect to hear a response by Monday, February 5. If you submitted your proposal after the deadline, the response time will be 2-7 business days.

I’m in year 2…I haven’t submitted my AFE Proposal yet. What should I do?

Mentone: Contact me right away at kmentone@uwo.ca or in room 1131. Teacher candidates are responsible for securing an AFE placement. “5026S Alternative Field Experience” is a required course and the proposal is an essential assignment for that course. Not completing any of the 5026S AFE course requirements can jeapordize successful completion of the BEd program.

If you need support with planning, completing or reporting on the AFE, the Teacher Education Office is here to help. Requests for support should be made in a timely manner – once deadlines have passed our ability to help may be limited.

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