FAQ – OCT Registration

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This week’s expert contributor:

  • Anna Zuber, BEd Program Manager


When can I apply to the OCT?

Zuber: Second year teacher candidates can begin the OCT application at any time. Your certification will not be complete though until all documents (including your final transcript) have been received by the OCT.

To start the OCT application, apply online here. You will receive a 6-digit registration number as soon as you submit the initial application – please send that 6-digit number to me at zuber@uwo.ca as soon as you receive it.

You will need to complete additional steps throughout Term 2. Visit the OCT Certification Website for specific instructions (a summary is included below):

  • arrange for all undergraduate transcripts (including the BEd) to be sent to the OCT
  • submit proof of identity to the OCT
  • submit an original Canadian criminal record check (no older than 6 months at the time the OCT receives it)

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