Should we have a Scholastic Fair?

Hi Teacher Candidates,

We’re looking at holding a one-week Scholastic Fair during the 1st or 2nd week of February 2019.

This would be an opportunity to buy French or English books, supplies and decorations for your future classroom.

In order to book a Scholastic Fair here at the Faculty, Scholastic requires that they have minimum sales of $1500 … if each of our teacher candidates buy something, that works out to spending $2.07 each.

Is this realistic? Are you interested in a Scholastic Fair and would you buy something?

10 Comments on “Should we have a Scholastic Fair?

  1. I would absolutely purchase books. I am wondering however where proceeds would go? Normally Scholastic gives funds to the school hosting the fair, which is why I tend to purchase through my child’s school.

    • Hi Meagan, thanks for commenting!
      They’ve suggested the proceeds go to the Education Library, but the library has generously suggested returning it to teacher candidates in some way (as a door prize maybe?) Haven’t heard back from Scholastic on that yet, so can’t say for sure, but that’s the goal 🙂
      Teacher Ed Office

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