Teacher Mentorship Opportunity

Dear Teacher Candidates,

Since January 2018,  wehave been building a vision for a community where teachers learn from eachother in a personalized, non-hierarchical, open and self-directed way. We arereaching out to you today to invite you to register as a Mentee in the OnEdMentors Connect(OEMConnect community).

OnEdMentors Connect is a collaborative inquiry into the impact of a 1:1 self-directed mentorship experience on professional learning and improved student achievement.

In Phase 1, we invited mentors to build their profiles in Digital Human Library.  Then, we invited a handful of mentees in their first and second year of teaching to search for and find a mentor that suited their learning needs. As the excitement continued to build (just like the Dating Game!) we openly discussed the process and our learning on the weekly OnEdMentors Show on voicEd radio.Our final show is scheduled for November 15th when we will hear back from our mentors and mentees about their overall experience.

As we gear up for Phase 2 which launches in January 2019, we are ready to enlist a larger sample size of mentees. We hope you will…

Learn more and Register for OnEdMentors Connect!

The time commitment is minimal and it’s an opportunity for you engage in professional learning of your choice and grow with other educators. We all have something to teach, and we all have something to learn. Now, we all have a shared space to do this together!

Thank you for your time and consideration. Mentees who register will be contacted in December with more information and next steps. If you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Noa Daniel & Leigh Cassell

web:  bit.ly/OEMConnect

tweeps: @OEMConnect  #OEMConnect





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