FAQ – Occasional Teaching & AQs

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Barbara Thomas, Manager of ASPIRE

Dr. Kathy Hibbert, Associate Dean of Teacher Education

Bill Tucker, Associate Professor

When do school board applications open? Can I apply to jobs without having my OCT certification?

Kathy: Each school board opens applications on their own timelines and based on their local needs. However, you can register an account through ApplyToEducation to receive notifications by email when your preferred boards are hiring. Be sure to look for “Occasional Teacher Lists” or “Supply Lists” postings. School boards may choose to continue their hiring process pending OCT certification. You can also refer to our OCT Certification page on TheTeacherCandidate blog for a helpful guide to the process!


Are teacher candidates allowed to work for a school board on our days off, even if we’re not OCT certified teachers? 

Bill: The Faculty of Education’s Teacher Education Program provides the preparatory courses and practical experiences that will lead you to successfully be certified to teach in Ontario. Teacher candidates are expected to attend and complete all parts of this program – courses, professional development, and practical experiences – and school board employers will understand that you need to complete these in order to gain certification from the OCT upon graduation.

This being said, a board may appoint emergency non-certified temporary teachers when no teacher is available (section 21 of Regulation 298: The Operation of Schools). You would need to speak with the employing board if you have any questions about teaching while non-certified.


When can I start taking AQ courses?

Barbara: You may begin taking AQ courses as soon as you have completed your B.Ed. program and are certified through the Ontario College of Teachers. At Western, AQ courses are offered through the ASPIRE – Advanced Studies in Professional Education – Office, which is located in the Faculty of Education building next to the Teacher Education office. Candidates can consider taking AQ courses to further their knowledge or add divisional qualifications, which could increase your chances of securing a full-time teaching position.  For more information, plan to attend our information sessions as part of T2P on Tuesday November 13! 



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