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This week’s Expert Contributors

Anna Zuber – Manager, Teacher Education

Carolyn Wilson – Practicum Manager

I’ve heard some negative things on social media. What should I do with this information? What does the Faculty do with this information?

Anna:  Not everything you read on social media is totally accurate! Just as it is in the broader community, the use of social media among Teacher Candidates is sometimes a source of misinformation. People often post when they are feeling disappointed or frustrated, and before they check the facts.

We are trying to do a better job of communicating with Teacher Candidates. Our Program Coordinator—Katie—in the Teacher Education Office provides information and support for you through this blog and OWL. I am hoping this page of FAQs will also help to lessen frustration and misinformation.


CarolynSometimes there is unhappiness around practicum placements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a concern, but please realize that we cannot always place you exactly where you might prefer to be.

Our first priority is to ensure that every Teacher Candidate receives placements that fulfill all requirements for certification. Everyone needs four placements, in P and J, or J and I,or I and S, and some need French. It is just not possible to find all the placements every Teacher Candidate needs within your neighbourhoods or specific communities where you hope to teach. We have a wide selection of school districts from which you may choose and we do all we can to find you placements in your first choices. As much as possible, we take into consideration the transportation issue—we try to ensure there is public transit or carpooling available for those who do not have cars. Sometimes we could make things more convenient for one Teacher Candidate, but it would mean making things less convenient for another. Each and every Teacher Candidate is important to us, and we do our very best to be aware of and to respond to needs, and to be consistent and fair with everyone. We do say in our program materials and on our website that Candidates might need to commute for up to an hour for practicum, and that transportation is your responsibility. We do our very best, but we just cannot always find you just what you would prefer or what would be most convenient for you.

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