Now Hiring – Responsible Reliable Recruitment

Math teacher required for top London (UK) school  

We find ourselves unexpectedly needing a math teacher for an excellent London high school.

The vacancy can start immediately or as soon as you have your visa.

We recognise this is short notice, but the good news is that:

  • The school is flexible, you can start now or any time over the next two months. If you need time to obtain visa, that is fine too.
  • Financial assistance with the cost of your visa and flight is available.

We are hoping either you are still available or you know someone who might be interested. If you introduce us to someone, and they are appointed, once they have worked two weeks we will pay you a ‘thank you’ of $500 CAN in a currency of your choice.

Because of the urgency, we are offering an excellent salary of £185 per teaching day (there are 195 teaching days in the year, so £36, 075 per year).

Accommodation with other teachers is available. If you prefer your own accommodation, we pay the security deposit and act as your guarantor! 

You must be:

  • Qualified to teach (i.e. hold a recognised teaching qualification such as a B.Ed or PGCE)
  • Able to provide good references and a clear police check
  • Eligible to work in the UK (i.e. 31 years of age or under, or a European Union citizen, e.g. Irish or British).


If you would like more details, please send your resume to


Responsible Reliable Recruitment … it’s all in our name

For further details please visit our website,

To contact us and find out more, please contact or

We look forward to hearing from you!

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