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This week’s Expert Contributor

Dr. Kathy Hibbert – Associate Dean, Teacher Education

What should I do if I have a problem keeping up?

If you are struggling to manage timelines or your workload, the first thing to do is to talk to your instructors and have an honest discussion about what is going on. Next, assess what might be underlying the inability to keep up:

Is it a lack of planning and organizational skills? Have you scheduled time to dedicate to your studies or do you leave things to the last minute? Learning to plan and organize is a critical skill for teachers to manage their own work, plus that of their students.

Is it a problem coping? Are you experiencing additional stress that you may need help with? Check out Western’s Wellness Centre where you have access to all kinds of supports.

Of course, as always, you can come and talk to us in the Teacher Education office. We will find a way to help and we can communicate with all your instructors if you need us to do so.


Why is there no food service in this building?  It’s inconvenient having to leave the building (especially when you have 6 hours of class straight ) to get food from elsewhere. Ontario Hall is way too expensive for my liking so the residences are not a suitable alternative.

The decision to remove food services from our building took place a few years ago when our numbers were cut in half and the program was lengthened to two years. The decision was made by Western’s central administration, not this Faculty, and central campus tells us there are just not enough people here for enough time to support a food service.

The vast majority of schools you will teach in will also not have a food service (although many have a coffee pot). Many of us in the building have had to adjust by packing our lunches and bringing a thermos of coffee. It is less expensive, and probably healthier, so there is a positive side to it!

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