FAQ – Roles During My Alternative Field Experience

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Katie Mentone – Program Coordinator

I’m still working on the details of my AFE with my host supervisor and my potential supervisor isn’t sure what type of work they should assign to me. What are my next steps? 

Katie: Please email or call me to let me know what steps you’ve taken, what you need to do next, and approximately how much time you’ll need to finalize the details of your AFE. If your supervisor isn’t sure if they can provide a meaningful opportunity or if they would like to know more about the type of tasks that can be done while completing your AFE, please invite them to contact me and I’d be happy to respond to any questions they may have about the program requirements. 


What are the expectations for the AFE? Am I simply taking an observational role in the host setting?

Katie: Teacher candidates are encouraged to take the initiative to get involved with valuable daily tasks and/or meaningful projects as determined with the host supervisor. The goal of the AFE is that there is a mutual benefit as a teacher candidate both learning from and contributing to the organization. While observational learning can of course be a great addition to the experience, you should plan engaging experiences in the workplace of your AFE just as you would if you were part of the host’s regular team. 


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