5008 T2P: Tuesday September 25 (Year 1)

Year 1 – Professionalism: The Ontario College of Teachers

All events on Tuesday September 25 will take place in the Auditorium


12:30 pm

Professional Pin Ceremony Preparation (Auditorium)

Dr. Kathy Hibbert, Associate Dean, Western University Teacher Education

As you prepare for your career in education, your reception into the teaching profession is a significant milestone! Wearing the Western and OTF/FEO insignia symbolizes your commitment to integrity and ethical conduct in all academic and professional matters. In this presentation, your Associate Dean describes the pledge you make as teacher candidates in the BEd program at Western and the standards that apply to teachers upon graduation.



Practicum Preparations & Perspectives (Auditorium)

Carolyn Wilson, OCT – Practicum Coordinator & School Liaison

Practicum is often said to be the highlight of the BEd program – working with students in Ontario classrooms, sharing knowledge on subjects for which you’re passionate, networking with future colleagues – this is what you’re here for! This experiential learning opportunity, however, can certainly bring on a sense of nervousness, especially the first time around. Tying in themes of professionalism from the OCT workshop and pin ceremony preparation, teacher candidates will take a first look at how professionalism is portrayed on practicum where you are both a teacher and a learner!



2:15 pm

Educational Technologies (Auditorium)

Yang Lan, Instructional Designer for Western University Teacher Education & ASPIRE, IMPACT Group

Reflect on the teaching technologies you learned about at the Teaching and Social Media Conference! This introduction to using educational technologies will guide you to finding the best ways to incorporate technology into your teaching and classroom environments. Gaining knowledge and growing your skills in this area is an excellent way for tech veterans to fine tune their techniques or for new users to affirm their confidence with this teaching approach.

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