FAQ – Transition to Professional Practice

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Dr. Kathy Hibbert – Associate Dean, Teacher Education

Katie Mentone – Program Coordinator

How was T2P planned? 

Katie: T2P has been developed in consultation with the Education Students’ Council and teacher candidate feedback to offer opportunities for you to enhance your teaching portfolio and grow marketable skills that will be relevant throughout your teaching career! In addition to collaboration with teacher candidates currently enrolled and recent graduates, we have also sought the expertise of faculty and local teachers and principals who look forward to supporting your professional development this year. 


Do I need to register for T2P every week or only for the sessions that interest me?

Katie: Yes, please do register for T2P each week session. You can do so in the Calendar Tab on OWL in course 5008 T2P Yr1 or Yr2. The expectation is that you plan to attend each week as there will often be presentations or workshops that are a requirement of the Ontario College of Teachers, the Ministry of Education and/or the Ontario Teacher Federations. When you complete registration for each week, the questions will prompt you to select your choice of options (when available) or will confirm your details to ensure you’re registered for the correct sessions according to your program (PJ/JI/IS/specialty etc.). While you are already registered in the course, you still need to complete the “registration” links each week for the particular sessions being offered.


What do I do if I have to miss T2P?

Kathy: Professional Development will be an important part of your career as teachers and lifelong learners. Once employed, you will be expected to attend PD within your school boards on designated days throughout the year. Similarly, no one in the Teacher Education Office will give a teacher candidate permission to be absent for any reason other than illness, religious observance, bereavement or other compassionate circumstances. When employed as a teacher these are the only reasons that will justify absence from school. All other absences are unexcused absences. Keep in mind that the information provided in these sessions will likely not be repeated in your courses.

Please email the Program Coordinator, Katie, if you will be absent from T2P. 

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