5008 T2P: Tuesday September 18 (Year 1)

Year 1 – Professionalism: What is a Professional Student?


 The Ontario College of Teachers (Auditorium) 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT, Chair of Council

The Ontario College of Teacher (OCT) supports teaching excellence through establishing standards for teaching licenses in Ontario, accrediting more than 50 full- and part-time teacher education programs in 18 university faculties of education in this province, investigating and resolving complaints about members to maintain public confidence in classroom safety, and recognizing the discrete skills, knowledge and experience that Ontario teachers possess. Throughout your career, the standards of teaching will guide you in best practices and inspire you as a member of this profession.




Social Media 101: How do I Start Using Social Media as a Professional Tool? (Room 1054)

Gerry Rucchin, Communications and Marketing Officer, IMPACT Group, Western Faculty of Education

Social Media can be a productive and useful tool when used well! Learn about digital professionalism and how your online engagement can lead to opportunities in education. Address any questions or even hesitations you might have as an educator with an online presence through authentic examples of positive interactions with a professional online audience. This is a great way to get started connecting with teachers across the province, country, and world who are eager to support new teachers! 



Digital Literacy Training Program (Community Room) – Double Workshop

Jessie, MediaSmarts Facilitator

To support educators in teaching their students digital skills, MediaSmarts has received funding to conduct a series of free digital literacy workshops. The intent of these workshops is to provide you with information and skills to support the implementation of digital literacy into your teaching practice and to prepare you to develop digital literacy lessons and activities that suit your students’ needs. The workshops will provide an overview of essential digital literacy skills and competencies, familiarize participants with the digital experiences of Canadian youth, and introduce them to the resources and tools that are available through the USE, UNDERSTAND & CREATE digital literacy framework.



Principal Perspectives on Hiring: My Actions on Practicum!

Choose either Elementary or Secondary Schools

Knowing about how positive actions throughout your time as a BEd teacher candidate will lead to positive experiences during job application and hiring processes can support you in goal setting over the course of the two year program. While there are many opportunities to learn about what not to do, these former Principals will share their insights based on their own experiences in education that resulted in teaching success!

Elementary Schools (1162)

Dee Cunning, OCT, retired Principal in London District Catholic School Board


Secondary Schools (Auditorium)

Connie Bray, OCT, retired Principal and Learning Supervisor in Thames Valley District School Board


Professional Learning Networks Online 

Choose either Elementary or Secondary Schools

Are you already using Social Media, but not sure how to bring this tool to your professional side? While it can be evident what you shouldn’t on post on social media, it is not always obvious how social media can be used a professional development and networking tool. At the start of your BEd program, this learning network is a fantastic source of resources, advice, and community for new and experienced teachers!

Elementary Teachers (Room 2046)

Ryan Matthews, OCT, Learning Support Services and Instructional Coach in Thames Valley District School Board


Secondary Teachers (Room 2036)

Bill McKeown, OCT, Global Competencies Facilitator, Thames Valley District School Board



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