Tutors Needed

Looking for a great volunteer and job-related experience?  The Childcan Volunteer Tutoring Program is looking for you to help tutor grades 1 to 10 children who are cancer survivors.  These children often have learning gaps due to extended absences and/or treatment-related issues.  The tutoring program is offered at no cost to parents, who have typically undergone financial challenges during their child’s treatment.

We are looking for a tutor in London for a grade 4 student for math and reading whose cancer treatments have resulted in learning challenges.  Also, a grade 10 student taking applied math needs some extra help.  In addition, we will probably receive  more referrals during the school year.

Childcan can cover some extra expenses, such as mileage and the purchase of learning resources.  The volunteer will need to fill out an application form and become a Childcan volunteer.

Contact Jackie Kinder, program coordinator, for more details and an application form.   jackie@childcan.com  519 680 7182


Childcan, The Childhood Cancer Research Association
Supporting children and families living with childhood cancer since 1974.
Your giving makes a difference, thank you!


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