FAQ – Back to School

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Anna Zuber – Program Manager

Kathy Hibbert – Associate Dean, Teacher Education

Katie Mentone – Program Coordinator

I missed the Document Submission at Orientation. What do I need to hand in and where can I submit my documents?

Anna: If you’ve picked up your registration package on orientation day, you’ll find a helpful checklist on the white sheet titled “Welcome, Teacher Candidates!” Here’s what you need to submit as soon as possible (and absolutely before practicum in November), if you haven’t already done so: 

  • Proof of Identity (copy of passport/birth certificate or front and back of citizenship card)
  • Vulnerable Sector Police Check (we’ll need to see the original and keep a copy)
  • Health & Safety Training Certificate
  • Worker’s Compensation Form (provided in the registration package). 

You can bring these documents to the Teacher Education Office, room 1131 during the first week of classes. 


What is EDUC5008, Transition to Professional Practice? It’s on my timetable, but I’m not sure what the course is.

Katie: T2P is a series of professional development presentations, workshops, and activities that are scheduled throughout the two years of your BEd during the weeks you’re on campus for coursework. Many of the sessions are hosted as a requirement of the Ontario College of Teachers, the Ministry of Education and/or the Ontario Teachers Federation to support you as you begin your teaching career and to provide useful resources and tips that teachers are applying in classrooms across Ontario.

It’s also an opportunity for you to make connections between class theories and practical experiences. Guest facilitators include local educators, BEd graduates, and professional representatives from educational organizations that you’ll interact with throughout your career. It’s a great opportunity to network and build a strong teaching portfolio for your eventual interviews and a helpful toolbox for your future classroom.

sept4 small

The BEd Events Board found outside the Teacher Education office (room 1131) is updated weekly!

Your first T2P session is next week, Tuesday September 11, starting with a presentation by founders of the podcast The Truly Modern School and TVDSB Global Competencies Facilitators Bill McKeown and Tim Cowl! Check out the OWL site 5008 T2P Yr1 for details about sessions being offered this fall and register online through the T2P Calendar tab. Year 2 updates will be live in late September.


What happens if I’m late to class because of construction, bad weather, or parking issues?

Kathy: Check your route before you head to class and plan your commute accordingly. Remember, in a professional program, you have to treat the next two years as though you are going to work. Class attendance is mandatory outside of exceptional circumstances. The hours that you attend are required for licensing. Be sure to be thinking: “What would be expected of me in the work place?”

Here are some helpful links: 


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