5008 T2P: Tuesday September 11 (Year 1)

Year 1 – Experiential Learning: Defining Your Professional Development Pathway

1:00 pm

Introduction to T2P & Opening Remarks (Auditorium)

Rebecca Horeth, OCT, BEd’15, Program Coordinator, Western University Teacher Education Office

As you prepare for your career in education, the Teacher Education office is excited to support you by providing unique learning opportunities throughout your two years in the program! In these brief remarks, learn about how the Transition to Professional Practice (T2P) series has been planned to best address needs identified through regular feedback and teacher candidate input.


1:05 pm

Welcome to the Truly Modern School: Education in the 21st Century (Auditorium)

William McKeown, OCT, History Teacher and Global Competencies Regional Facilitator for TVDSB (BEd’03)

Tim Cowl, OCT, Super SAL/Geography Teacher, Global Competencies Regional Facilitator for TVDSB

Co-hosts of The Truly Modern School Podcast

As part of their roles as Global Competencies Facilitators, Bill and Tim have been hosting a podcast called “The Truly Modern School.” They share stories of innovation all around the local school system and have so far explored entrepreneurism, Schools within a College and University, eLearning, and following passions. For the start of the school year, they’re launching a new series to promote progressive strategies happening at the Faculty of Education that will benefit teachers everywhere: “Everyone cares about school!” They often ask their guests, “What are you excited about?” and this question drives their pursuit of outside-the-box learning and community connections to education. Bill and Tim are excited to share their passion and experiences with teacher candidates!


2:30 pm

My Professional Development Pathway (Breakout Sessions with Specialty Cohort Coordinators)

After the first week of classes, join your specialty cohort colleagues to discuss what questions you have, what you want to learn more about, and what topics are totally new or surprising to you! Support each other and gain insight from Faculty professionals in each research area. Learn about the types of professional development offered throughout your BEd program and others available in the community.

***Rooms will be confirmed by email once you’ve registered through the Calendar Tab on OWL.***


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