5008 T2P: Social Media & Teacher Education

Did you know that there is a huge online community of educators offering support, discussion, and professional development? This Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a great way to interact with future colleagues in Ontario and around the world. In addition to the creative ways to incorporate technology in your future classrooms for assessment, language arts, research, and projects, social media can be a treasure chest of tools for new and experienced teachers! There’s even a Twitter Chat for new teachers that you can join.

The Ontario College of Teacher’s Professional Advisory on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media provides members with guidelines for this profession. This advisory was developed to support the ongoing learning and collaboration of Ontario teachers, while maintaining the standards of the profession as development and growth takes place outside the school walls.



How does off-duty conduct relate to your teaching profession? Check out this month’s Professionally Speaking article (page 41)!


Here’s how you can learn more about using social media as a teacher during T2P this year:

  • Educator Perspectives on Using Social Media
    • Year 1: Tuesday, September 18
    • Year 2: Tuesday, November 13


  • Ontario College of Teachers Presentation
    • Year 1: Tuesday, September 25
    • Year 2: Tuesday, November 13


+ Interested in this topic? Read more about social media and professionalism here!

Stay tuned for more updates on T2P this year! As teacher candidates grow from student to teacher, the Transition to Professional Practice (T2P) course guides experiential learning, professionalism, and job preparation over years 1 and 2 of the B.Ed. These important presentations, workshops, and professional development series are built into your timetable to ensure you won’t have any course conflicts. Additional details on each upcoming event will be communicated via the blog and OWL.

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