FAQ – Donation Fee

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Princess Marfil, Education Students’ Council President

Anna Zuber, Program Manager

What is a donation fee that appears in my tuition statement? 

Princess Marfil: The donation fee of $30 per person is used towards events and activities for all Teacher Candidates. It’s a way to introduce and maintain opportunities for socialization, networking and breaks during our demanding practicum, classes and AFE blocks throughout the academic year. Additionally, the donation fee is invested into ESC awards (supplemented with a monetary amount); it can be used to increase the monetary amount attached to these awards. Future plans are to create meaningful and impactful financial decisions in regards to scholarships, awards and professional development for all Teacher Candidates.


Will I ever access anything that’s been funded by the donation fee?

Princess Marfil: Besides the activities and awards mentioned above, when a significant number of Teacher Candidates bring a need and/or issue into awareness with the ESC, this feedback is treated with priority in order to give them what they need. For example, feedback from last year was that there were not enough outlets on campus for Teacher Candidates to plug their electronics in to charge in between classes. It was difficult to find an outlet that wasn’t already in use and Teacher Candidates found themselves without their electronics for the day. This was especially problematic when Teacher Candidates required technology use in all their classes. The ESC responded to this with $11,500 from the faculty donation account; based on this specific feedback, a change and upgrade to the cafeteria is in the works! Facility upgrades are just one of the many benefits of the donation fee.


If the fee is a donation, does that mean it is voluntary?

Anna Zuber: Yes, you can choose to opt-out of the donation fee payment. The deadline for opting out of the faculty donation is Friday September 28, 2018. We encourage you to enroll in direct deposit (for tuition refunds only) when submitting your Opt Out Request FormPlease send your completed form to eduwo@uwo.ca.

To Enroll in Direct Deposit:
Log into your Student Center account.  Click on “Enroll in Direct Deposit” in the Finances section, and input your banking information.  It takes 3 business days from when the refund is issued for the funds to be deposited into the students bank account.  Please note that refunds will not be issued until  early November for opt outs.

Note: Western processes refunds at the end of October. Teacher candidates who have opted out will receive a credit to their tuition account for the donation.  If their tuition account is paid in full the students will receive a refund. Students will be notified early November when and where the refund will be available.  

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