FAQ – Summer Preparations

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Carolyn Wilson, Practicum Manager

Anna Zuber, Program Manager

I’m getting ready for being back on campus this fall. How do I get a parking pass?

Anna Zuber: Parking passes for all lots on campus are coordinated by Western’s Parking and Visitor Services. You can find information about student parking permits here. Parking permits are not sold by lot; they are sold by zone (students occupy the green zone).


I’ve lost my Western ONECard. Where can I get a new one?

Anna Zuber: If you have lost your old Western ONECard or wish to replace it, you can do so at Student Central starting August 31; replacement cards are $31.00. If you have a Western ONECard from a previous program, you can continue to use that card for the Education program too.

 Note: If you are new to Western, please be sure to upload your photo through the Student Center. Uploading by August 15th will ensure that your Western ONECard is reading for pick-up on Orientation Day.


There are a lot of things due in August – what exactly do I need to submit by then?

Anna Zuber: Here’s a helpful checklist:

First Year Teacher Candidates

Second Year Teacher Candidates:


When will I find out my practicum placement? Should I find my own placement if I don’t have one yet?

Carolyn Wilson: We know you want to know your practicum placements as early as possible. Our goal is to have your placements ready approximately 1-2 weeks before practicum starts.

One of the challenges in making practicum placements is that things often change in schools and in teachers’ lives, and not all Associate Teachers who volunteer in May and June can follow through when the November practicum actually arrives. As well, some teachers who did not volunteer months ahead of time may decide closer to the practicum block that they would like to host a Teacher Candidate after all. It is really stressful for Teacher Candidates to be given a practicum assignment and then to have it changed when an Associate Teacher withdraws. That is why we try to seek a balance between notifying you early (when the placement could change!) and notifying you later (when the placement is much less likely to change).


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