5008 T2P: Preparing for the Job



Dedicate time towards preparing documents for your upcoming job search and resources for your future classroom. Learn from successful candidates working in the field now.


What are some possible workshops in this branch?

  • Occasional Teacher Discussions – “From BEd to the Job”
  • Resume Reviews
  • Practice Interviews
  • Careers outside the Classroom
  • Ministry of Education – Building Futures (Year 2)
  • Classroom Management
  • Portfolio, Resume, and Interview Preparation


How does this relate to my BEd?

T2P has been organized to provide choice in learning and career preparation in order for teacher candidates to direct their own professional development. Participate in workshops that are connected to topics and themes explored in Bachelor of Education coursework, Practicum, and Alternative Field Experience and well as settings across the field of education so you are ready for employment post-graduation!


Stay tuned for more updates on T2P this year! As teacher candidates grow from student to teacher, the Transition to Professional Practice (T2P) course guides experiential learning, professionalism, and job preparation over years 1 and 2 of the B.Ed. These important presentations, workshops, and professional development series are built into your timetable to ensure you won’t have any course conflicts. Additional details on each upcoming event will be communicated via the blog and OWL.

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