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Our series of Frequently Asked Questions will be posted to TheTeacherCandidate on Wednesdays over the spring and summer. Subscribe to be notified of new posts.

This week’s Expert Contributors

Bill Tucker, Practicum Consultant

Carolyn Wilson, Practicum Manager

Anna Zuber, Program Manager


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I’ve just finished my last practicum and AFE! When is convocation? How do I apply for my OCT certification? Where do I look for teaching jobs?

Bill Tucker: Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you at convocation on Friday, June 15, 2018, during the afternoon ceremony. You can find many resources on TheTeacherCandidate about applying for your OCT certification – keep in mind that when submitting your Western transcript, you should opt to send “after convocation” so that your official transcript is received by the OCT.  There’s also a guide for using ApplyToEducation and you can continue to follow the blog to receive regular job postings in the community and internationally. If you’re looking to gain an additional qualification or to pursue further studies in an MPEd, there are many options offered here at the Faculty of Education that may suit your professional goals perfectly!


Year 1 is done! I’ve heard a lot of discussion about AFEs, Practicum 3, and year 2 in general. Do I need to do anything during the break?

Carolyn Wilson: Thank you for selecting your preferences for Practicum 3! We are establishing practicum placements through board processes and will notify you over the summer with updates on the status of your practicum. Please don’t hesitate to connect with the Teacher Education Office should you have any questions.

You can use this time to begin making connections with your first AFE hosts. A helpful step-by-step guide is available on the blog. If you’re planning any personal professional development over the summer, you can check in on regular updates to next year’s T2P schedule, too. You should also plan to check in on your Western email account over the summer break to ensure you have the most recent updates about your second year!


I’ve been accepted to Western’s BEd program and will start this September 2018. When is tuition due? Where can I get more information about the program?

Anna Zuber: This is certainly an exciting time for you, too! We will only be using your Western email address to send important updates about practicum, tuition, course registration, and documentation for your file at Western. Be sure to check it regularly! Otherwise, TheTeacherCandidate blog is a great resource for new and current teacher candidates:

We look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months!

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